Our kennel mistress is Ewa who works as school nurse on a junior and senior level school in Luleå. A great and stimulating work environment including contact with kids and teens is invaluable. The children are our future and I work for them to have a good start in life that also includes the school. I give additional attention to the kids and teens that need special support.

Master Juha runs and own the business JERA Bygg AB. We live just outside Luleå withing walking distance of both water and woods. We spend spring and summer in Luleå archipelago in our summerhouse. Today we have 4½ wonderful cockers who are:

Abbe (Nuch Samcock's Going Nuts)
Robin (Puttifar Don't Break My Heart)
Nelly (Secorcan The Witch To St Anne's)
Olivia (Secorcan Patty Diphusa)

Me, Ewa got my first cocker in 1972. His name was ‘Hero’. He was black, happy and full of pranks. He died in 1986 at 14 years old. With him my interest for the wonderful breed English Cocker Spaniel was born. Abbe is our first common dog and with him awoke our interest of breeding dogs. We applied for our kennel name ‘Puttifar’ that was approved in 1995.

We live in Luleå and breed puppies in our home environment, where we have the social contact with our puppies from the very start. Our goal is to run healthy and well considered breeding where temperament and good exterior go hand in hand.

The contact and support to our puppy purchasers we do consider very important. To give full support to our purchasers is a natural part. We are available for each and every one considering their needs. For a more detailed presentation of our dogs go to "Our Dogs".