9 march 2010

Results from SKK Piteå, judge Ann-Kristin Johansson, Sweden.

Kevin 2'nd best dog with CC, Miranda 3'rd best bitch CC, Olivia BOB and placed as BIS-4 in the final! Dennis won the open class but got no Ck.

20 jan 2010

New year, new news. We start with a small sum of 2009:

We had an excellent year with many good results both in the rings as well as in woods and fields.

With a CACIB in Sweden became our black prima donna Olivia International Show Champion and has got several CACIB, BOB, BOS-placements and BIG 4 in Vännäs and BIG 3 in Harstad Norway. She also got her big CC in Trondheim during the summer and became Nuch.

Our young Kevin and Miranda has together got 3 CC and both have been placed in best dog and bitch class as juniors. Kevin also as junior got BIM and last but not least he won junior class in Finland became FIN JV 2009 and was qualified to Crufts. Oliver has only participated on shows three times in junior class but was placed as best dog. Dennis has been placed in best dog several times during the year. Greta has been in Finland and passed the SPA test! She has been at shows a few times and placed in best bitch.

19 dec 2009

Last weekend we went to Finland and Helsingfors for the Finnish and Nordic Winnershow.

Kevin won the great junir class for judge Michael Gadsby, England. I could not even dream of him to bring home the title FIN JW-09! It feels so great! Thanks to all for the applause and congrats. Miranda was Exc in a great class of junior bitches, and was finally placed as 5'th.

30 nov 2009

Results from SSRC Umeå, judge: Martin Johansson.

Kevin won junior class with CK and was BD and got his first CAC! Finally he was BOS: Miranda got hp in junior class, Olivia and Dennis - no CK today.

1 nov 2009

Results SSRC Norrbotten, Judge: Tord Lundberg

Today was our day!! :)

Kevin junior - with CK, was finally placed as 2'nd BD. His brother Oliver also CK and 4'th BD. Dennis won his class with CK and was placed as 5'th BD. Robin CK in championclass but not placed.

From our lades Miranda was first with CK and placed as 2'nd BB with CAC :) Greta also got CK and was placed after Miranda as 3'rd BB. Olivia was BB and fianlly BOB, in final she was BIS-5.

What a fantastiv day! Congrats to Linda, Eva, Tomas och Maria to the great results! And thanks for the good ringside-"teamwork" . :)

All results on our results page.

25 october 2009

Nelly is now in our memories page

6 october 2009

Results Västerbottens Cocker club, judge Karin Staf Kennel Backhills

Olivia BIS! Kevin 2:a Best Dog, Miranda 5'th-Best Bitch Västerbottens Cocker club can feel proud of a giant, nice and well preformed exhibition :)

SKK Int Sundsvall Olivia 3:a Best Bitch, Kevin 5'th-Best Dog, Miranda 1 price quality and class winner...

6 september 2009

A little late news...

Results SSRC Södertälje 22/8. Judge Duncan Craig, GB.

Kevin won a big load of junc with CK and ended as 2nd BD, he also became BOB-junior and to our great joy BIS 2 Junior, in the final! :) Miranda trotted home 2nd place in Juncl with CK but was not placed in BB. Olivia won the Ch class and was finally 2nd BB. We could not have wished for a better day!

Results SKK Vallentuna 23/8. Judge Christina Daniels.

Kevin 3rd Juncl Hp, Miranda 3rd Juncl Hp, Olivia 2nd Chcl Ck, not placed today. When the ring was reasy we ran our course of almost 1000 km home. 10 hours later we were home again. All results are on our results page.

Robins puppies is growing fast and we have visited them when they were 3 weeks old. Wonderful! Surf in to Mi Chiamos Blog to follow the little creatures. www.michiamo.blogg.se

20 august 2009

The updates are light-years away in the meantime, unfortunately, but we have only sooo many others who came before.

Robin has become a father for 1 week ago to two beautiful puppies at Mi chiamo, more about Ravelli & Mamma Mia in "Mihar blivit pappa för 1 vecka sedan till två stycken fina valpar på Mi Chiamos, mer om Ravelli & Mamma Mia finns på Mi Chiamos blogg. The puppies are just adorable!!

3 august 2009

Nelly darling! Why have you left us. I miss you so very much! Why can't we have you back! We didn't have time to say goodbye and I could not hug you one last time....My tears run down my cheeks, and you are in my thougts every second!

24 july 2009

Robin has mated Maggan at Kennel Mi Chiamos och puppies are expected w 33.

6 july 2009

I have really been super bad at updating the homepage so now it is time to put together a little bit about recent news from both Norway and Sweden.

First me and Juha both want to thank Jane and Gilbert for the wonderful days and great hospitality last weekend. We are so greatful that you took care of us for several days. The tour, which went to Norway was fantastic in every way! I wanan send congratulation to Dennis Champion and other fine placings in the rings. We will gladly be back again :)

Well we have not just got good food and drink, we have of course also had time for some dog show during these two days.

Results Spaniel club, judge Kari Granas Norway

Kevin won jcl and got Hp and became today's best junior male. As price he got a nice bed, it fots him perfeclty and besides it is blue. Miranda also got her Hp in its class but was probably not a single step right in the ring....some exercise is needed :) Olivia won Chcl and finished as 3'rd best bitch. slutade som 3:a Bt. Satisfies especially with junior debut, we went home to load for the next days show.

Results NKK Int judge Agata Ganami Kernes, Israel

Kevin also won junkl today and to our great joy even got Ck and was placed in the end as 3'rd best dog. Our little fairy princess Miranda also won her class out of 7 jcl bitches! And she also got Ck When she was in Bb class she was ranked as 3'rd best beat CC, I was so incredibly happy :) Olivia won her class too and ended up as Bb and BOS with CACIB. A wonderful day for us of course! When it wa all over, we steered our course towards nothern regions...home to Luleå again :)

We also have a report from Gällivare SKK Int. the same weekend. Oliver also made his debut in jcl with Hp and Greta 1 qu. ocl bitches.


Results also from SSRK Kalix and SKK Int Piteå 2009 -07-04/05 , judge Anne Buvik Norway and Soile Bister Finland.

Kevin 1:3 jcl hp, Oliver 1:4, Miranda 1:2 jcl bitches, Olivia 1:2 Chcl 3'rd Bb. Greta 1:4 ocl, Alvin 1:2 ocl

New day, new results SKK Int judge Soile Bister, Finland

Kevin won hos class iout of 8 other males! Ck he got today and ended up as 2'nd Bd, Miranda limped sadly in the ring and got deleted, but after a while, she was quite all right again, fortunately. Olivia 1:2 Chcl 3'rd Bb. All results are also at the resultspage.

16 june 2009

We had a fantastic weekend in Vännäs together with Linda, Olivers master and Eva and Tomas, Dennis masters. Anna-Karin and Figo Kennel Mi Chiamos had a fantastic day in the forests of Överkalix :)

The weekend began with SKK int. with judge Karl-Erik Johansson. The puppies were judged by Zorica Salijevic.

Our results on Saturday:

Dennis became 2nd ocl males and placed as 2'nd in Best Dog with R-Cacib, congratulations to Eva and Tomas!

Olivia, our sunshine, had a lucky day today! She became Best Bitch with CACIB and she was also BOB! I could never dream that she would archive yet another title :) With the new rules she is now CIE :) :) :) In BIG-finals she was placed as BIG 4 :)

Our puppies went for the last time in puppy class and is now nearing 9 months old. Kevin trot to BIR puppy II, Oliver was 2'nd with Hp, Miranda was also 2'nd in her class with Hp.

After a long day it was finally time for puppy final with a finnish judge Irina Poletaeva and there so many puppies - over 70 that would be previewed...so it took a lot of time before we got into the BIG ring. Kevin is a cool guy and mannered the resurrection great, he trot to a BIS 2 placement!

Results sunday; Judge Frank Christiansen Denmark

Dennis was first out in the ring, was placed at the same place today. 2'nd Best Dog! Olivia was today 2nd Best Bitch. The puppies were judged in another ring, by Ann Rode. Oliver was BIM puppy! Congratulations Linda! Kevin 2'nd after his brother with Hp and Miranda took the BIR today!

Finally we will send a big congratulation to Anna-Karin and Figo who did successfully in the forrests of Överkalix this weekend. Figo got an 1 in ocl wild tracking, and not only that, team Anna-Karin and Figo was also todays best dog!! Congratulations from us in Luleå :)

20 may 2009

Olivia our black Primadonna had a fantastic start to this season! For the 5 exhibisions, she has stacked home 2 BOB and 3 BOS :)

Results here from Piteå SKK Nat. Judge Karl-Erik Johansson.

Miranda BOB puppy II, Kevin BOS puppy II, Oliver 2nd puppy class with Hp. This day was all individuals of the Olivia-litter present. Keno with Johanna tried exhibision for the first time and did it with bravoura. Keno had brilliant critique and became 3rd of his siblings.

Olivia became BB and ended as BOS, Dennis became 2nd ocl males with CK, and he finished as 3rd BD. Unusually, we had a glorious sunny and hot summer day.

3 may 2009

We have been on tour again, this time to SSRK's annual may show in Skellefteå. Judge to day was Jens Martin Hansen, Denmark.


Olivia BB & Bos. Olivias now 7 mths old whirwind Miranda (which should have its own page soon) beat her brother Kevin and became BOB-puppy II, she then raced all the way and became BIS-puppy! Hooray! She ran in an exemplary manner...this time. Kevin was 2nd puppy class II with Hp. Dennis 1:3 ocl. All resulats are also avalible on our results page.

28 april 2009

News from Finland where we this weekend has been on a group exhibition show in Tervola. Judges for the day was Tiina Iilukka Finland.

Results for the day:

Olivia Bt & Bob, Greta 2nd Bt & Cac, Figo 1st Chcl. Congratulations to Maria & Greta for the well deserved finnish Cac! Bos was the shimmering red male Shimmerian Golden Boy. Thank you so very much!! for the super fine Bob & Bos photos that we recieved from Noora Kinnunen, also owner of the Bos-dog.

We will now rest one week and look forward to new challenges. We wish you all nice holidays during 1'st may!

22 april 2009

So finally I have updates from the weekend in Norway and the NKK Int show in Harstad. Judge Croeser, Martin Souch Africa.

After a stormy journey home over the norwegian mountains we finally got home safe and sound. Thank God I just say!

Anyway, here are our results;

Robin was 2nd in Chcl and finished 3rd Bd. Our black Olivia won Chcl and was Bob with Cac and Cacib. It means she can now call her NUCH :) In the group she was placed as BIG 3 Hipp hipp hurray for our ray of sunshine. What means a little storm in the mountains after all... :) :) :)

23 march 2009

Robin had a pleasant lady on visit and we hope for puppies in late may. For more info check out Häljans Kennel

8 march 2009

Results from SSRK Norrbotten 7/3 show, judge Filip Jonsson. What a day!!

Kevin, Oliver & Miranda debuted in puppy class this weekend and it was both exicitng and fun for the small ones to participate!

Here are some results from the day.

Kevin BOB puppy I BIS, Miranda BOS puppy I, Oliver 2'nd puppycl I Hp, Dennis Best Dog 4, Robin Best Dog 2, Olivia BOS & BOS-BIS R. Alvin 4'th place in ocl. And last but not least sweet Greta; CAC och blev 2 Best Bitch. Major congrats to Maria at Jägarhattens Kennel.

14 february 2009

New photos of Kevin & Miranda who in a few day are 5 months old. Time sure flies!

30 january 2009

Alvin is eye checked clear and hd/elbows x-rayed normal

25 january 2009

New photo of Kevin & Miranda from todays dog walk on the ice as we were heading out to our cottage.

23 january 2009

A new year with new adventures....

Amanda was 10 years january '22. We have got some new lovely photos from her birthday party at Eva & Tomas where Amanda lives. The Day was jummy! for an oldie :) Hip Hip Hurray for Amanda!!


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